Maija Bondar (b. 1981) was born in Ukraine. At the age of seven, she moved to Russia with her family. Currently, she lives and works in Finland. In her creative practice, Maija utilizes photography. 

In 2023, she received her initial education as a photographer, and she is currently studying at the Art Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences. Maija’s work has been recognized by CPOY, College Photographers of the Year, Helsinki Foto Festival, Budapest International Foto Awards, and others. 

In her projects, Maija addresses themes related to identity, dehumanization, and the traumas inflicted on people by war.



2023 — Budapest International Foto Awards, Gold winner in Portfolio / Personal

2023 — Budapest International Foto Awards, Gold winner in Editorial / Conflict

2023 — College Photographer of the Year  finalist

2023 — Helsinki Photo Festival winner

2023 — Kolga Tbilisi Photo shortlist

2021 — “Documentary Family Awards” finalist 

2020 — “Colors of Orthodoxy” winner


 See: Zeen Magazine | Float Magazine | F-Stop Magazine | Republic Magasin | Helsingin Sanomat | Iconic Artist Magazine | “Colors of Orthodoxy” book


2024 — Turku University of Applied Science, Fine Arts (Turku, Finland)

2022 — Academy of Documentary and Art Photography Fotografika (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

2022-2023 — Practical school Gradia, Media and visual expression Faculty (Jyväskylä, Finland)

1998-2004 — North-Western State Technical University “Economics and Management at the Enterprise” (Saint Petersburg, Russia)